OK, on my way of learning all of Stadium Arcadium, I have ran into an obstacle. I dont know how to play funky stuff. Does anyone know any good lessons or books to find? Do you know any easy funk songs to get started with?
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i dont know any lessons, but do a lot of staccato

meaning play a note and mute it really quickly. and use a wah pedal if you've got one
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I was watching this thing, and it said to maintain a steady rhythm with your picking hand, and do all of the mutes with your left hand. I cant seem to coordinate my picking hand to do that, I always end up playing with my left hand.
I play lots of funk so I'll try to give some tips.
Hit the strings hard for the percussive sound.
You gotta learn how to keep a steady picking rhythm while muting with the fret hand to get the "chicka chicka"
Don't let notes ring out too long.
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For the funk:
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ever heard of ska? its like that.
you play the chord/note as you normally would, but with your left hand AFTER the note is played clearly you dampen it a bit so it stops ringing out.

try emulating the verse of songs like Tell Me Baby by the chili peppers. it should sound like a quick pop.

EDIT: by the way i have no idea what im talking about for funk. im just trying to explain staccato, because i know thats how you get that "funky" lead style
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practice practice

hey - are you the one that asked about learning this entire album this yesterday or day before?

...and i recommended the S.A. guitar song book with CD's in it? great place to start as well.

man, i could just listen to those CDs in casual enviroment like listening to anything else.
good luck

Get that skank in your sound, start doing all those staccato mutes with your left hand. For lead get a wah and play smooth and connected eighth notes. Make sure you have a nice clean tone, a semi hollow body helps.

EDIT: And ninth chords ninth chords ninth chords.
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practice practice

hey - are you the one that asked about learning this entire album this yesterday or day before?

...and i recommended the S.A. guitar song book with CD's in it? great place to start as well.

man, i could just listen to those CDs in casual enviroment like listening to anything else.
good luck

I asked about Stadium Arcadium two days ago, but I noticed someone else with the same question yesterday.

Whats an S.A. song book?

And to Impeachpedro10, Im doing ok with funk lead stuff, its the rhythm stuff thats tough for me, and now I find out Im playing Ska wrong too,

Hey Red Star, when strumming, is it up-down, or what?
Funk rhythm is very similar to Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady rhythms. It uses a syncopated rhythm called a skank. You hit the note on the off beat. Sometimes in funk, every other beat will be on and the next be off. It gives it that kinda laid back 'funky' sound.

Funk also used a lot of dominant 9 chords, minor triads, and 7#9 chords.
S.A. = Stadium Arcadium. I bought the songbook for guitar at Guitar Center. It has all the songs, not tabbed, and 2 CDs which is Mars and Jupiter with only guitar and bass. cool stuff.

i think Froosh does a lot of what i would call 'alternate strumming' where he may upstroke like 3 times and down 1 up 3 down one up 2 down 3 blah blah blah
Oh ok, that makes sense now. Anyone know a good book or something? Im not looking on how to do improv stuff, Im just trying to figure out this technique. (When Im playing Charlie and Hump de Bump, it sounds pretty weird.)
I had this problem too, considering the stuff that got me into playing guitar were those funky RHCP rhythms. The only way I learned them was by listening to the recording and doing my best to imitate it. You might want to look into scratch rhythms, as there are a lot of them in froosh's playing. It took me ages to get some of the rhythms right, but it made me a much better player in doing so.
Something that's easy for beginners to get into is this. If the root is E, take this simple chord:


And have a field day playing with bends and hammer-ons. Much of funk is rhythmic playing of the same basic Minor pentatonic scales and whatnot. It's not as much learned as it is discovered. Listen to some psychadelic, and then you'll kinda get how the chords can lead to one another.
Le Freak - Chic is a perfect example of what we're trying to tell you. Keep the rythym with your picking hand (like straight-16ths/8ths or whatever fits). When you change frest with your fretting hand, don't take them off the strings (unless you need to for the note), but keep them lightly on the strings without pressing them down, a left/fretting hand mute.

When you're doing the alternating mutes/notes, improvise with the notes. It's funk, so it's got a loose feel to it. Throw in some extra beats of the same notes every once and a while.

Also, using a wah in rythym helps a lot (make it so if you're doing straight 8ths with your picking hand, tap your foot in straight 4ths, basically half of what your hand is going at). An envelope filter/follower does basically the same thing, I just like my wah.

Wahs aren't necessary, Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" (if you don't know this song you've been living under a rock) doesn't have a wah in the main, funky riff. The bass is killer, though.

Have fun with the funk!
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Oh, I want to put this out there:

If you need a Wah to play funk, you shouldn't play funk.
the best way, go listen to some funk.
tower of power, some stevie wonder, James Brown, Parliament.
learn your drop 2 voicings.
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Chea_man is the best.
just play it clean. u gotta get the white boy outta you. those 70s soul tunes own it. Its just a damn shame they didn't let the guitarists go nuts. leave the right hand steady and the left hand does the work.

I can't think of much right now but maybe some jackson 5. "something good" is a damn good song but its not really what you're looking for
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could someone give me some general all around funk amp settings

i have a so-so setting on my amp and i was wondering if someone could give me what they use for most types of funk to help me out

Crystal clean, or just on the edge of tube break up. Usually with lots of low and high range, kinda twangy. Well kinda. Like the middle pup on a strat, through a fender twin reverb.