I need a new amp bad.

I want to play blues like Mayer, SRV, Hendrix.

It needs to have great cleans.

I would like to be able to go a little metal- Think Randy Rhoads (I have a MXR Distortion+)

I want to play 90 alt such as Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty.. you know what I'm talkin' 'bout

I need it to sound like Queen (God declared Queen the greatest band! Argument over!)

I need it to sound like all this and be Under $1000.
I will get a stratocaster one day but for now, I'm playing a stock Gibson x-plorer (PU change innevitable)

I have an MXR Distortion+ but It needs a good driven amp to be used over (such as a marshall)
I will get: a Keeley modded Boss BD-2, ISP decimator (apparently this is the best Noise reducer), and a Compression pedal of some sort (suggestions???)

I wanted an AC30 but even the used ones are too expensive.
It needs an effects loop.


I was going to just get a boss gt-10 but now I'm thinking not?? should I go back to this option?
Fender Hot Rod Delux or Blues Jr maybe?
Peavey Classic 30?
Vox AC30 i hear is sweet too so maybe used one?

most of that music is what i would call Clean. not an expert on the pedal tho.

can you go used and do you gig?

Edit: Sorry, I see it in your title - yes you gig. Not sure on FX loop too on these so let me reconsider.....again, sorry to jump gun without reading title properly.
I thought you could get an AC30 used for that much? You checked eBay and Craigslist? Also, how about a good Orange or maybe a JCM900 or something? I don't really know for sure if they'd be good for you, but at least someone can disprove me and give better suggestions
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Peavey Classic 30 or Classic 50 if you need more volume. Both are great for alt stuff and the C30 at nearly full volume on the clean channel would be great for queen, the C50 might be as well but will be very loud at that point.
Fender Hotrod and nice OD might be worth looking into, but the Classic are a better buy IMO since their OD is great and cleans are decent, not as good as the Hotrods but very respectable.
Used Vox AC30 would cover almost everything you want
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Classic 30

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