That's what I'm currently looking at right now. I have never played this exact Marshall model, so I don't know what it sounds like. Do any of you have any information on this? Thanks in advance.

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I'd rather not. Better amps at that price range, I think. You can almost find a used JCM800 combo for that much, or a host of other mid-high gain tube amps.
The valvestate is a huge improvement over the MG's, yet, it isn't that big of an improvement in comparison to amps relative to that price.

For $150 more you can be nabbing small Mesa combos on ebay and Craigslist all day.
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Ehh, they are decent. The valvestates arnt amazing though.

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It is between a MG and A JCM2000 (but closer to a mg) You could easaly find better amps in that price range.
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