I recently stripped an early 90's Epiphone Les Paul and I am rebuilding it over the summer. I have many parts that I am not going to re use on the guitar as I am doing a Silverburst finish and installing new hardware.

Everything I am selling will be dirt cheap and for US buyers only. I know you won't want to spend $15+ on shipping the basic stuff; that being said the buyer will pay shipping, fortunately, it's all small stuff and shouldn't be more than $3-$6. On June the 18th all of this stuff will be listed in the free stuff thread, so if you want the item you can buy it now, and definitely receive it, or wait until it's posted on the free thread...if it makes it that far.

4 black speed knobs $5
Black and cream bezel pickguard with gold mounting bracket (les paul) $5
2 volume and 2 tone pots $3
3 way toggle switch w/ wires w/o cap $2
Faded gold tune o matic and hardtail bridge, kinda rusty, and a bit dirty $2
Bridge and Neck humbuckers, neck humbucker was scratched all to hell to give it that raw look, the gold is faded, black pickup mounting rings. If you want I can make the bridge match the neck for the raw, aggressive look. $7

PM if you're interested. Payment will be discussed through PM. I would prefer paypal, but a check will be gladly accepted.
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