Hey guys, I have a Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube Amp that is about 4 years old now. I really like the sound when I bought it and then I kinda got tired of it, but during this past winter, I began to pick my guitar up more and I played around with the amp settings and got it sounding pretty good. By the way I like to play Seether, Hurt, Breaking Benjamin, mainly that kind of stuff. Anyways, for about the past month or so I noticed that it isn't sounding just right, so I tried changing all the settings around and no matter what I do it just doesn't sound right. The best way I know to describe how it sounds is like the presence and treble on the EQ is turned all the way up, but I have them both turned WAY down and I used to have them both turned up a great deal, then suddenly, the different sound. It just has a very raspy sound to it, but it is only on the distortion channel. The clean channel sounds as good as ever. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong? Also, just to mention, I have 2 guitars a Schecter Gryphon and a Ibanez RG320 and they both sound the same now through the amp, I even turn the tone knob down on both the guitars and it still sounds like way to much presence or something. Anyways, please help!
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