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Topic title pretty much explains it all, just post what you're gasing for! If you're anything like me, your list will change often so don't be afraid to post a few times if something changes.

Also, lets try to keep the posts to ONLY lists, if you want to know something (like where to get x guitar or something) that's what private messaging is for. I'm not trying to be a dick, just trying to keep a decent structure. Also NO, I didn't search bar this. If I did I'd have come up with atleast 8,000 topics. If it's been done just link me to it and be done with it.

OK! I'll start!

1. Bugera 333XL 212 Combo amp
2/3. ESP LTD EC-1000 (green quilt top)/or Classical a/e, probably a cheaper one.
4. Metal Muff Pedal
5. EQ Pedal
6. Monster cables to run the pedals with
7. ESP SV Standard Series (white)

With 2 & 3 the order could switch up, that's why the / is there lol. And yes I'm aware this is going to take a long time to accumulate lol.

Ok guys, go!
Schecter Loomis Sig. C-7, Peavey 5150 2x12 combo, Tascam digital recording device
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i will have to ec-1000 in amber sunburst, id buy it but i have too many guitars, and also a schecter devil custom in dark amber burst, once again, too many guitars to pick this up...but if for some godforsaken reason my ax-400 doesnt come in...ill be getting one of these
ESP Eclipse with blackouts (Snow White)
Taylor 814ce (tabacco sunburst)
Dean Dime o Flage
Spider valve mkii
Fender Super Reverb
Peavey Vypyr 15
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Now we can all post it again

To make this a legit post another amp that will *eventually be sitting around my house is most positively going to be ....

A Marshall 1959 SLPX with a 1960TV Cab. I want it SO BAD.

*= basically after I sell my own body on the streets so much I can't walk for a few days, but when I can, this is what I'll get!
K honestly how can the use of the term 'gas' and 'gassing' be so common all of a sudden? I have no idea what it means!!! Was there some silent agreement by everyone to start using the word out of the blue??

Clearly it means saving but does it stand for something or what? help me out here!
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Peavey 5150 Combo
LTD MH-1000 NT
Schecter 007 Elite
Line 6 Pod XT Live
Orange head and cab, dont know exactly yet, but thats what i want, I just got a LP which i have wanted forever, i stumbled apon it and it's a vintage LP custom shop, it is wonderfull
Quote by 123-Trav
K honestly how can the use of the term 'gas' and 'gassing' be so common all of a sudden? I have no idea what it means!!! Was there some silent agreement by everyone to start using the word out of the blue??

Clearly it means saving but does it stand for something or what? help me out here!


It basically means you want another amp/guitar/effect/ whatever really lol. Gassing means you want it, and are saving up for it.
I want

1: Vox Valvetronix 50 watt
4:Washburn X40 Pro
Legend LP
Nylon Acoustic
Legend 10D Amp
Korg AX3G

Within the next few months, if every thing goes well, I'll have

One of these

One of these

and maybe one of these

1-LTD SC-607 (natural finish)
2-LTD EC-1000 (SD pickups)
3-New pickups for my strat
4-Mesa Roadster
Pitchblack - Fulltone Octafuzz - Hardwire OD - Blakemore Effects Deus Ex Machina - MXR Micro Chorus - Diamond Memory Lane Jr - EHX SMMH - Neunaber Wet
BC Rich
high end Goden
lap steel
f* it, a high end Martin and Taylor
a reso
PRS 24 or whatever its called
double neck electric
double neck acoustic
harp guitar
some keys
big tube amp
something big, old, and sporting a bigsby

I think that sums it up
Vintage early 60s strat.
RMC picture wah.
Two Rock amp, and some blackface fenders. a deluxe reverb, super reverb, maybe an old tweed champ too.
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Chea_man is the best.
1. Handmade strat type guitar by a local Luthier
2. Proco Rat
3. EQ Pedal
4. Breedlove AC250/CR
5. Line 6 DL4

I just brought a Fender Blues Jr so it would be unfair to already be Gassing over a new amp.
1. Gibson custon shop les paul 59 reissue
2. Gibson custon shop les paul custom 57 reissue
3. Fender usa Stratocaster 70's reissue
4. Engl screamer 50 combo
5. Marshall 1978 jmp 50 watt head

thats pretty much it
Stuff I will realistically get......

1. Fulltone OCD (or another high quality booster) poor..................

Stuff I'd love to get.....

1. Vox AC30 head
2. Moog Guitar

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MXR 10band EQ pedal
Schecter C-7 Hellraiser
Speaker/Tube-change in my XXX
Boss GT-10

Then, my rig will be complete for now
All of the things in my sig under `wanted`..
Also, Metal Muff
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Eastwood Airline
Airline Tuxedo
Ibanez S Prestige
Mesa Mark IV
Fender CP Jazzmaster
Schecter PT Custom w/ Dimarzio crunch lab/liquifire
Marshall JCM2000 DSL+Orange 4x12
Orange Tiny Terror+Mesa Electra Dyne 2x12
Boss TU-2/NS-2/DD-6
Maxon OD808

1. Fender american standard telecaster or highway one texas telecaster
2. Marshall JCM 900 50w head w/ Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab
3. A nice condenser mic for recording
4. Fender american standard P-bass
5. Some gig-worthy Hartke bass amp (undecided as to model)
Keeley Modded AD9
New pickups for my RG
New pickups for my Strat
Oh, and a soldering iron so I can finally mod my wah.....
1: A laptop capable of recording.
2: a 4 track recorder (for now)
3: A ****load of mics.
4: Time to work on my vocals
5: A blues trio.
These are top of the list.

6: Money for the custom neck (for my 'nez) i have on order.
7: A Carvin X100B (I think that's what the name is) amp.
8: A fender american deluxe HSS strat in amber with black pickguard
9: An american strat refinished to have a nitro finish (on sunburst)
10: A 1961 fender strat in sunburst.

There are more. .
most of it will not be coming for a longgg time but still

Schechter c-1 hellraiser FR
Bogner Uberschall head and cab
Mxr Zakk wylde overdrive to boost it
Digitech whammy
will update it shortly
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
1. Keeley DS-1 Ultra Mod
2. Keeley TS9DX Flexi-4x2
3. (The best high gain amp ever) i don't know what it is sadly
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jackson RR1 (i didnt check price on this, so for all i know it's ultra expensive)
schecter hellraiser
a new amp (i don't really know what kind yet0
digitech whammy pedal
some sort of recording interface, and hardware

and now the stuff i probably won't ever be able to get
Arctic white gibson les paul custom with gold hardware
marshall JCM900
Dean USA soltero
custom shop jackson RR
ENGL amp
orange amp

but a man can dream.

Must Not Sleep.

Must Warn Others.

Gibson Special Faded SG
Orange Tiny Terror (Combo)
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

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Fender/ marshall amp capable of gigging (Haven't decided, just need a new one!)
Ibanez Jet King.
Recording gear.
Classical Guitar (getting soon, thank god)
Edwards les paul - custom or burl maple top
or Gibson SG Standard or Epi SG Custom GX

Vox handwired AC15 head and cab
Fender American Vintage '62 Jaguar
Fender Crafted in Japan '62 Telecaster
THD Flexi-50 + Vox V112HTV Handwired Cab

Gibson Angus Young sig. humbucker (bridge), and maybe some kind of overdrive pedal or something for my Valve Junior.
Gibson SG Faded (Gibson Angus Young Signature humbucker)
Epiphone Valve Junior Combo V3

Marshall Bluesbreaker BB2 pedal
Fender Jazzmaster
PRS SE Paul Allender sig

New lil 59' mini humbucker for the bridge of my strat
I don't even shred
Engl e530 preamp
Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp
Rocktron Xpression
Rocktron Midi Mate

Not decided on a cab yet.

And for guitars-

Schecter Loomis
Ibanez RG7321
Fender Hot Rod DeVille (I would, of course, settle with Deluxe)
Vox AC-30 CC
Bigsby B-5
Fender Bassman
Gretsch White Falcon I
Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod
Fender Vintage Hot Rod 52 Tele
50s Esquire
Fuzz Face
Boss Delay

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Epiphone Sheraton

OR Epiphone LP Custom

Because I Epiphones hehe. I'm leaning towards the sheraton as i've been meaning to get a hollowbody for ages, but the les paul would probably suit the style of music i play a little bit better (If either are still in the store used once i've got enough cash for another guitar after buying one of them, i'll get them both!).

As for amps - This (Harley benton GA5):

and for whatever reason:

I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
< Winning a bid on one of these

By Christmas, hopefully
Fender Jaguar > effects (x9) > Orange AD5


THE EUNEIROPHRENIAC σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


Nitro two tone burst body for my strat

Fishman piezo bridge for my strat

Fender Blues Jr NOS (tweed)

Ibanez TS9

Seagull Coastline Cedar Grand

Godin 5th Avenue Archtop

bunch of other crap..
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