I am looking for some good strings to buy for my yamaha that brand new that don't break easy because i do different tunings alot. My yamaha is a regular.
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Classical or ("regular") acoustic?
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Alchemy Dean Markley Gold-Bronze are my favorite. They are coated and have an EXCELLENT sound...

When I went to go buy my first strings, I asked the guy at Guitar Center what strings he would reccomend and which are the best. He told me the Alchemy strings were. However, they were 12 bucks a pack. So, not having much money, I went for the cheaper Martin SP strings (around 6 bucks). The Martins sounded like crap when i first put them on and I could never get them all to sound right. Moreover, one of the strings actually broke. They rusted pretty quick and I ended up taking them off after a couple months. Went back to Guitar Center. Bought the Alchemy strings. As soon as I put them on, oh my god what a difference. It sounded like the heavens opened up and angels were singing as I strummed the first chord. Those strings lasted me 8 months and probably couldve taken even more time but I had a performance so I changed them.

May be more expensive, but in the long run your saving money because they last so long....
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D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light what I use on my FG750

I use the same on my beginner F310P and when they're fresh their tone is so beautiful.
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Yeah, I've also used D'addario EJ16s for a while. Pretty solid.
I always get Elixers, but apparently I'm getting screwed. I like them personally, but I also use D'Addario nickle wound for my back up strings and stuff.

i got a FG 730S yesterday and i'm not at all fond of the strings, way to stiff. also thinking about getting some D'addario EJ16s =)
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I use the same on my beginner F310P and when they're fresh their tone is so beautiful.

me too.. i use the d'addario ej16 on my ibanez acoustic..

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