It's finally summer and I am finally hoping to take my guitar playing seriously. I need some advice concerning where I should go as far as purchases and practice.

Right now I'm not a great guitar player so the practice is going very slowly. Luckily I have lots of time to work with to get better over the summer. I do take lessons, but right now I'm learning simple barre chords and very easy picking songs. (Just to give you an example of where I'm at, I'm working on playing Blackbird and Bridge Over Troubled Waters.)

I'm trying to teach myself scales right now, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself so I want to know where you think I should head in terms of practice. I have the patience to practice scales for a couple hours so it doesn't need to be the most exciting, I'm just looking for something useful and efficent.

If you can provide any tips for me I'd really appreciate it.

Secondly, I was looking into getting some new stuff to keep me excited about learning. I've been looking at the POD X3 Live Floor Pedal for a little while and it looks like a good piece of equipment. I read some opinions on it on other forums and it seems like the people around here think it does a good job, especially through a standard PA system.

If I purchase this pedal, would it be a good choice just to get some standard speakers in my room to hook the POD up to? or would an upgrade in an amp be clearly my best option?

I have a lot of questions and this is the only place I can think of to get them honestly answered. (The Guitar Center around here will tell you anything to get you to buy something from them.)

Thank you to those people who took the time to read this and give me an honest opinion on my questions. I'll be checking this thread regularly so if you have any questions for me I'll be quick to answer you.
I went through this exact same thing in regard to the pod. I bought an XT Live 2 or 3 years ago.

I don't think its the way to go really. Its just not what playing guitar should be about. You can sit there for a whole day twiddling knobs and not really achieving anything. I finally dialled in 1 sound that i like and use that 100% of the time. A pod takes over everything and eventually will leave you hollow, like me. I'm just trying to find a good tube amp now and i'll have no use for the pod.

Don't get speakers, i thought about that too back in the day.

I think concentrate on your playing and real, wholesome guitar gear like a good amp. Pods are okay but should only be icing on the top of ur musical cake (once you're really experienced in years and years time), not the whole foundation and every ingriedient.

That is all.
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