I'm looking for an amp that will be loud enough to gig with. My budget is about $1200, but don't worry about going over as I'm looking to buy used gear.

Tone-wise, think JPJ's tone in The Lemon Song as a good starting point. I play in a blues/hard rock band that draws heavily from classic rock styles, so no metal or punk.

I'm pretty much just looking to be pointed in the right direction, as there aren't any music stores around here that carry a wide variety of amps for me to go try out. Thanks for your help.
I recently bought a Hartke 350 watt head and 4 x 10 XL cabinet

I'm finding it very versatile, and it's loud as well.

The tube pre-amp gives a different sound than a few other amps I tried, I recommend giving it a try if you can.

Good luck
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With that budget, all I can recommend is going into a load of music stores and trying as much as possible out. People's ideas of what bass should sound like varies a lot, so it has to be you who makes the choice. One person's warm, round bass tone is another's mud.
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I believe he used an Acoustic amp for much of his Zeppelin time. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But since you'll be hard pressed to find one, there are some other options. Ampeg should obviously be somewhere near the top of your list. Ashdown and Markbass perhaps should also have consideration. Also, if you don't need tons of wattage, look into the more "boutique" amps such as EBS and Eden. For example check out these guys playing the Lemon Song. The bass player is using an Eden. The tone is incredibly close, especially considering he's using some form of a P bass.