Whats up guys. Today my drummer and I were jamming and we ended up making and recording an entire song. Overall it's still really sloppy but for creating and recording in one day I'm pretty proud of it.

So far it has one guitar part the drums and vocals (drummer does vocals not me). I'm confident that it is fairly brutal and I actually like some of the guitar parts I wrote.

The vocals are pretty heavy so if you don't enjoy that then please don't criticize the song simply because it's of a genre you don't care for. Also the song is still in need of a lot of touch ups and it's still dying for some guitar solos and bass to be added, both of which will be coming in the future.

Anways, I'd be really appreciative to hear what some of you have to think about our track, haha and please take into consideration that we did write and record the song in one day so it is obviously in need of some touch up and practice.

The MP3 is on my page and if you want to check out our myspace the URL is:


Oh and last but not least, we are currently nameless so if you have any good ideas for a name throw them out please.

Thanks and keep it metal guys.
I love "vokills"

Also, I think "Give us a name" is a pretty kickass name.
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i cant say i dont like it, i'd be lying to you. it's a great idea. the way you played in that song on the guitar. was like off beatish kinda in the begining if you could smooth that out but keep tha feel it'd be cool. overall. great idea work on tightening up your sound and try to smooth out your playing and remember to keep all your palm mutes and pinches and **** in the same places throughout the song
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I was surprised at how good you guys did. The vocals are very good, the guys got skill. The guitars need to be a little more pronounced -- they riffs are good but they can be so much better tied in with other elements rather than just "guitars".
Yeah that does make sense with the palm muting and harmonics in the riffs. I really do need to make it more straightforward where they will happen. Glad you guys liked it though. I was curious what you meant though trsc? What other elements? Like separate instruments or like different techniques in the guitar playing? Please explain.
I like your Gothenburg MDM sound :P. I have a couple of good names for you idk what exactly you're looking for but,

Pursue The End

They aren't really amazing or anything but if you like them, take them
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