I have a Peavey 5150 Combo all-tube amplifier for sale. It sounds great and was recently (2 month ago or so, but it hasn't seen much playtime since.) retubed with jjs, but it really isn't suited to what I want to play anymore (I used to think that I wanted to play metal forever, but I was wrong.). I'm wanting $650 for it + shipping or best offer. It is is good cosmetic condition, but has a few small things that you can see in the pics.

Note that the we looking spots are not stains, but are just where I half-assedly wiped the dust off of it.
Good luck getting 650 + shipping for it, I'd say getting $650 shipped for it is even too much, but maybe you'll get lucky.

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im going to disney land in a month or so imma pick it up on the mother ****ing way dont sell it.