So I've heard a lot of praise for this guitar on the forums. Mainly about the sound due to the solid top and I've read that it is built very well. My question is how does it play? I'm going down to GC tomorrow and hopefully I will get the chance to try one out but who knows if they will have one in stock. Right now I'm using a Fender DG-5 which is pretty meh. I would love to get a nice Martin, Seagull, Alvarez, Taylor, ETC but I can't budget that at this time. So yeah, how's the playability? How low can you get the action before you get buzz?
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Not sure about the action question, but the guitar itself is VERY well built for such a cheap guitar. It plays superbly and will be a great guitar.
Its a very good guitar for the price. Ive played 3 or 4 and was impressed each time.

How low can you get the action before you get buzz?

Depends largely on what you will be playing. A fingerpicker could have the action lower without getting buzz than a fast, agressive strummer.
love that guitar .. its sounds and plays great .. and its only $200 .. u wont regret it .. just order it online .. u wont be dissapointed
I have a question.

Is it worth an extra $100 more for the FG750S over the FG730S ($299)? I don't know much about acoustics. They both felt the same lol
i think its worth is for the fg730s .. the rosewood make the bass really boom .. but thats personal prefernce .. and the fg730s also has the abalone rosette which makes it look really classy .. i owned the fg730s and my friend has the fg700 and no doubt in my mind u should get the fg730s .. although both are very fine guitars