Hey, with my tremolo (alternate) picking, it always sounds dulled out. or it scrapes the strings.
am i doing it correctly, i just turn the pick on 45 degree angle so it doesnt hook up and do it that way.
Is that correct?
I think that it might be on too much of an angle, try making it a little more parallel with the string (but not all the way so it doesn't "hook up"). Also, if you're not already doing this, make sure that there is a minimal amount of pick showing, so there is less of a chance that the pick will hook onto the string.
First of all, use a better colour so it doesn't blend in please. Onto the Questions:

i just turn the pick on 45 degree angle

You can do it this way but that is why yo are getting the scraping sound. It is better to lift the pick up higher of the strings instead of angling it. Lift the pick away from the strings until it is only just going to hi the strings. This is how I do it and I get no scraping and can go very fast.

am i doing it correctly

There is no correct or incorrect way. Guitarists and bassists have there own style that makes them unique.
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