Tomorrow I'm flying to London, for circa a month. A natural thing for a guitarist would be visiting some stores with gear and music. Could you provide me some some adresses of decent ones? One more thing I'm looking for Led Zeppelin vinyls from some time, since they are out of print they are quite hard to find(at least were I live). Maybe someone here know where I can buy them in London? Many thanks in advance.
Denmark street is the place to go for loads of guitar retailers, but they'll rape you on price. London is the most expensive city in the UK for EVERYTHING.
Nice, there are significant differences between prices in capitol and other parts of UK? Maybe I should take one-day-off trip outside London(or even Greater London)? But hmm... Where? Anyway thanks for your answer!
Well, it's not actually in London, but if you're going to be in the region for one month, travel to Brighton and try the GAK (Guitar Amp Keyboard) Centre. They have a fantastic range, though you may need to contact them first to pre-order items in.

The Guitar, Amp, & Keyboard Centre
76-81 North Road,
East Sussex,
BN1 1YD.


Led Zep vinyls you'll struggle to find, though while you're in Brighton there are some old vinyl shops so you may get lucky.

In response to your post above: Yes, London is ridiculously expensive, in general, so a day-trip outside would be best.
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