hello friends. So in 2003 i bought myself a brand new Gibson SG special from guitar center.

Since then, I've had my roomate drop my guitar on the ground, at which point the tuning heads fell off. So I bought some Grovers and dishonored my headstock by drilling new holes for the screws.

Anyways, at super kewlies as those 490t and r stock pickups are, I think it's time to move on.

I don't know a lot about installing crap on my guitar, so i'm going to ask on here.

First of all, EMG's?
I like the whole tom morello/buckethead thing. Got into that 6 finger nubbing. Anyways. I like the sound of those, but I'm not sure how they sound clean.

I'm also into a more smooth sound, for playin some blues. (the doors?)

So, any suggestions on what kinda pickups to get?

Also, what are your thoughts on getting 2 different kids of pickups. I realize this might mess me up for having the toggle switch set in the middle, using both pickups.
But like, one EMG and one burstbucker?

I dont see that a lot.. is that a no no?

Gimme your thoughts on a killswitch, too.

Any input helps, thanks nijjas
can't mix actives with passives. they're not recommended. for your SG, i suppose you try the Seymour Duncan Custom 5 for bridge position. it can go from soft mellow tones to heavy riffs. it also has an awesome clean tone. for the neck, i say Seymour Duncan Jazz. it's not just for jazz, as the name itself, but also perfect for other heavy stuff.
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