Hey guys

Im thinking of buying an RG350DX, but I recently found out it has a Floating Bridge Tremolo system. Ive heard these are a pain to restring and to tune. Now, I often change tunings, so Im wondering just how long tuning takes on one of these, and if its worth buying.

Any help appreciated.
Trems can be a pain, if you don't know what to do, but there are guides here that make it easy. But if you want another guitar thats similar, but without the trem, try the
Schecter C1


Ibanez RGT42FX

But firstly what amp do you have and what music do you play?
The amp ive got is a Roland Cube 30, and I play mostly rock and classic rock, with a bit of metal and a bit of blues thrown in.
Well in that case, the C-1 would be a good bet, or even better, IMO, would be a

Fat Strat,

good quality, I think so anyway, and with the cube, should have no problems, blues, rock, metal, anything with the HSS config, and for the price they seem to be solid guitars
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Thanks man, although my top price is about $1000, so id rather spend that much and get a higher quality guitar, than a decent cheap one
dude get an ibanez s series, they are higher end than the RGs, better pickups, and the bridge is one of the best! it uses the zero resistance tremolo bridge, n it'll stay in tune no matter what crazy stuff u do with the trem!! u shud also be able 2 get oone, maybe an s320 or sumthin fr less than $800. i just got an s620exqm, it retails at around $1050(although u can get it frm much less, most sites give it for 800) and it rocks!
If you change tunings a lot then don't touch anything with a Floyd. The ZR is better if you want to change tunings but it's still a bit of a pain.
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For that music an Epi Les Paul would be quite a good choice. And you won't have to worry about the floating trem too since its a hardtail. You can use the spare cash to invest in a better amp or a new pair of pickups too.
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