You know how melodies, lyrics and riffs and even basslines are copyrighted, as you can't just use the bassline of queen's under pressure for your song and release it. But are drum beats copyrighted too? It's too subtle to notice someone stealing a drumbeat from a song, unless it's a really famous one, like Bonhams when the leavee breaks, or Aerosmith Walk this way.
drum beats are just that, the beat
therefore any song can play to the same beat
which means
they are not copyrighted
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Why would you steal a drum beat?

The drums have got to match the rest of the music and just deciding to steal a random beat just won't work.

If it ever happens it's probably by accident more than anything, or a result of unimaginitive drummers doing a standard beat and fill.
metallica - one (bridge)
trivium - rain (bridge)
slipknot - eeyore (intro)