did this in an english class once, and it was very cool to see the results. Basically you just sit down and write/type something, but you don't try and write something coherent. It's just kinda whatever comes into your head, and ends up being completely random. You just start however you feel like it- could start as a story, could start out as a rant, maybe a question, whatever. then when you have to stop to think about how to continue, or you stop because you don't want to write about that one thing anymore, you just write nonsense or whatever your mind wanders to.

When we did it in our class it was very interesting to see how people's minds wandered and how different people were from each other. Should be fun, right? let's get started. just start writing.

(and don't be embarrassed to be completely weird. don't hold back because you think it'll make you look weird. that's the point.)
i was playing with my dog and suddnely noticed a big bowl of phail. I though maybee she should eat it, but perhaps this would lead to a poisining...i just sat there as she released liquid excrement onto the pavement and thought...Lol Wut

(EDIT better?)
You're So Scene Right Now ^_^

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Finally his girlfriend found out what it was like giving oral sex to fishsmelling genital organs.
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This could actually be pretty fun. But I don't have the time right now, maybe when I come back.
Dog tree man is very big and has a large head. Its nearly as big as a dogs head.


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im really tired right now and Im thinking about going to bed and sense im not really thinking about my typing i'm probablly going to have a lot of typos but i dont really care cuase you told me to just write what comes to my head so this is the stuff that I am writing about and my phone just vibrated and i really want to check and see who texted me but i cant right now because im writing this stupid thing, actually this isnt' that stupid its actually kinda fun to just type whatever comes into my head and michael_1391's avatar is really cool lookin, its lke a sword on fire or some **** and now im wonding why there is a sharpie on the front of my desk, should I write stuff with it, or just continue to stare at it....well i checked the message and it turns out my bud kyle wants to hang out with me and then we are goign to go to laurens house but I dont know if I have a ride to laurens house because im only 15 and i dont have my lisence which sucks btw so I think i might just longboard over to her house or some ****, i think she is going to mexico or somthing weird like that but i dont know and i dont really care because its summer and i love summer so much and it surprises me that i still have stuff to talk about and how fast i can actually type this stuff. haha so thats pretty much i think what you told me to do so i did it.
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You are amazing.

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^^yay photoshop...you made me lol all over myself
man with head ate pie but dies because he's one muffin short of a bicuit barrel. coconut top sprinkle guesses what she say be true dog fish winkleberry have a nice day fo shizzle.

thats what i got from thinking of random crap whilst typing.
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I'm going to take this opportunity to initiate my campaign to replace the phrase "Taking a shit" with "Busting a grumpy."
And that was when he realised he was no longer a can of dog food. He was much more than that.. If only he could be much more than that. The trees are much bigger than a dog food, and yet the trees weren't much more than a dog food can.

What homework? I see no homework only time to waste preparing for something I'll never pass anyway. Much more than dog food, but something less than dog food.

Who the fuck wrote dog food? It got stuck in my head, and now I'll never be free. Free dog food. That could stop world hunger. Just don't tell them its dog food, and they'd lap it all up. In fact, they could eat the dogs as well. Thats one less thing we need in the world. Dogs. Not the furry ones, the small ones. Chihuahuas or something. I don't know how to spell it, but hopefully its right. Righter than dog food.

The End.
I should really fix my sleeping schedule because it is so out of whack and I'm really hungry. I think I'll eat something soon, then go to bed, if I can. I have trouble going to sleep because I think I'm an insomniac. I think about a lot of ****, and I can't stop! Then I get up and do something else like play guitar, come to UG, or watch TV or something. I also love to sleep! 10 hours of sleep a day is heaven for me! Other than that I don't know why I'm doing this other than boredom that has set in.

I'm going to eat now.
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Well, you might make her think otherwise.

You could just show her that you have a PS3 and BANG.


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A chainsaw can take a girl off her feet pretty nicely. Then there are less limbs to worry about while you rape her.
i really liked soulflyV's post, but it did bring up the question of why everyone's posting about dogs. It's most likely because the first person to start the activity said something about dogs, and everyone read his post before starting theirs. I knew that would happen, that everyone would just copy someone, and that's why i didn't do anything with my post. The problem with harmonicas is that you can't bring yourself to play them when you haven't brushed your teeth. You think they'll get covered in bacteria and be too gross to play. It makes you wonder if all those old harp players brushed their teeth all the time, or if they just got used to playing dirty harmonicas. Maybe there's some sort of relation between people with the urge to play harmonica and people with some smell and taste problems. One thing's for sure, when i think 'old harp players' i think black people. I guess that makes me a horrible person for enforcing stereotypes. Like all harmonica players are black. HAH! Jimmy Buffet's harmonica player is white as wonder bread. zucchini. zucchini. i was thinking cumquat but the real word i was looking for was zucchini. wow, i just spelled cumquat right on the first try, and i figured it'd be wrong because i just combined the word 'cum' with a 'quat'. I need a good hat. one that really suits me, but doesn't make me look like an idiot who just wants to wear a hat to look cool. Of course then there's the problem with hat hair. the carpet's white, the pillow's green, in homestyle living magazine. the life of the wife was ended by the knife. all though she was gone in flesh, she was not gone in spirit. we were talking of going down to the old folks home to get a new one, but i agreed to stay behind and watch the turkey in the oven. little did i know that there was something horribly wrong with the turkey, and that it would be all our undoing. what was wrong with it you ask? you want me to just cut right to the problem with the turkey instead of using that previous sentence as foreshadowing and continuing with the story and getting to the turkey when its time comes? fine. the turkey turned out to be dry and stringy. it was awful. i ended up making a sarcastic comment about it to the new wife and mother, and she told me that if I didn't like her cooking i could move out. i said that she didn't even cook the thing, and that she should stop taking credit for my work. she said that if i was the one who cooked the turkey, i should complain to myself. and that was when i noticed the pack of strings next to the pliers i use to... i can't remember what i use them for, but it's something guitar related. why are there like ten different brands of orange soda? there's no popular brand for orange soda, it's all a bunch of crappy brands that never get put in vending machines. hmm. mmh. wwy. mmy. ymm. yww. bob dylan was kinda weird- i remember him saying something like 'i'm just as good a singer as frank senatra. i can hit all them notes.' and it's true, he CAN hit all them notes. and it makes me wonder why some people's voices are considered worse than others, even when they can hit the same notes. i wanna go to new jersey and see if it's really as horrible a place as they say it is. i'm sure it's pretty nice. rice is nice, if you add in some spice, but oodles of noodles will chase off the mice. i'm reminded of that saying about the second mouse getting the cheese. that's a pretty good one. i just finished my popsicle and looked at the joke 'what do you give a snake with allergies? an anti hiss-tamine.' and i'm like 'woah, aren't these things aimed at little kids? what kind of little kid knows what an anti histamine is?' pretty crazy, popsicle stick writers. i could just see a crazy popsicle stick writer who's at the end of his rope and about to just quit his job writing a seemingly innocent joke on one end of a popsicle stick 'what did the boogey man say to the child?' and then on the other end "i'm coming to get you, timmy. I'll be waiting in your room." of course it would only work for kids named timmy, but those ones who were named timmy wouldn't wanna sleep in their rooms for weeks. maybe a more common kid name would work, like cody. i think this is turning into a wall of text, so i'll stop. it's pretty random though, if i did it right.
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I did not read Glen's Wall of Text, walls of text kind of scare my, I use glasses, so, well, my eyes kind of hurt if I start too much into the computer screen trying to read small letters.

I know there's a way to zoom in and zoom out, you just need to press Ctrl and use the mousewheel. My Mouse kind of sucks, it hardly clicks at times, I guess it's becuase I pack it up in a hurry while going to college and it takes a beating in my backpack. I wonder, do fights happen inside my backpack? Or, will the eletric current from the computer's battery charger transfer into my pencil case? I don't know. I don't even have pencils, only pens, and those 0.5 thingies, I forgot the name.

When writing like this, I often realise that my vocabulary kind of sucks in English, and I notice it more because my Girlfriend is Irish, it feels funny though.

Now, I can only think about Dog food, I have tried it, I had a dog, which died, name was Maggy, she had a stomach problem, it surged in one friday evening and at midnight she was dead on the vet, had to take her down, I cried. I want a new dog, though, it's complicated to get one, educating it, poop here, piss there, eats my shoes and so on.

EDIT: Use PAragraphs, much more Reader-Friendly
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"Talking like a spade in the sky and eating some pie like a crusty vagina making the wet sounds from my arse and hoping that I can see a tail from a dog called Spot."

Very VERY first thing that came to my head just now.

This technique is called hot penning if you're interested. We did it once in one of my writing classes.
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my arm is quite good at pinball dirt and hammers, it can fence a tree in 13 milliminutes, a large flashlight is quite annoying when it speaks, never stops, and pens are paper relations if you think about it, i can gape all day or i can wander.....
This is what is known as stream of consciousness writing.

Edit - This probably works best when writing with a pen and without any sort of audience, but good thread idea anyway
what said how far know this could be get out, stop no how come you said that.
Hey look there is a pony!!! hahahahahahah Why am i watching NCIS HEY! THATS A iPHONE! whos Messenging me? OHHH Cameron, wonder what he wants.... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TONY IS AN IDIOT! (Still watching NCIS) God I'm crap at this random writing thing!!! I'm hiding from my english speech, I know I'm going to fail so why should I put effort in it! thats the 5 toothbrush ad in one session..... ohhhh I'm so tired! I should go to bed... nah...

(WOW I suck..)
i have an exam in history tomorrow and i'm listening to sabbath instead lol im lazy as **** sigh theres awalys something in the pit.
Perhaps we should think more about the little things. Like raindrops.... They are largely insignificant in the humans world. They aren't recognized or appreciated. Their own journey's are worthless.

Raindrops. Anything but individual...There's probably tens of millions of raindrops falling every seconds in some distant country halfway across the world that you've never heard of. But what if that country had one individual who chose to look upwards. They saw a single raindrop falling and landed on the tip of their nose and ran down their face.

Ten minutes earlier that little raindrop was in pieces across a cloud of condensation that somehow by some pure and specific chance of events formed itself... these thousands, billions and trillions of H20 molecules joined together to form this single raindrop. By some unseen and wondrous turn of nature they were brought together; the once chance in a literal eternity. It doesn't know how, but it's there, and its real. From forever in waiting it is created. Had it a consciousness, it could dwell on this for an age and then some. But it has not the time.

It is not ready, but the journey of its existence begins. It falls.

Wailing through a cold and tumultuous universe it continues. Perhaps on its way down, another product of chance appears. Lightning strikes it and electricity courses through its atomic veins. Perhaps somewhere, beyond the bounds of the electron microscope...life appears. Another universe; living and expanding.

Galaxies that could fit on the wings of a mosquito; solar systems unseen to the highest forms of human technology. In this solar system, there is a single planet. So tiny its insignificance is known not even to the people that inhabit it. Centuries are lived out here in a microsecond and empires rise and fall as if never existent....But for what? Great minds of scholars and scientists create ideas of what it is thats going on around them... what blissful ignorance to behold. Decoding the eternal enigma of being. How did they get there? Why are they there? Where is their eternity?

All the while they drift downwards through an immutable spiral of meaninglessness.

Somewhere in this minuscule mortality of a universe, in an insignificant galaxy within an insignificant solar system upon an insignificant plant, in a distant country that no one has ever heard of, a man stands in the rain. These very questions run rampant through his head; an existential quandary that is but a flurry of electrical current dancing between his synapses.

He chooses to look upwards.

...a single raindrop, he spots, floating downward out of nothing... it ends its journey on the tip of his nose. Perhaps, through this simple act... there was some immaterial poetic justice that vindicates the existence of another cosmos. It's people's suffering, joy, trial, wars, famines, crises and love, justified by interminable adventition.

Somehow, in this plight of being, everything seems to make sense. Maybe he doesn't have to figure it all out. Maybe there's more going on around him than can be explained in the paradigms of science that do not consider the surrealism that ingrained itself into his very ontological state of life. Rationality and quantitativeness are fleeting concepts that grasp onto what minute strands of the corporeal they can see, taste and touch.

"It's all a winding journey to inevitability", says the man.

Lightning strikes and thunder rolls in the distance.

He thinks to himself in the comfort of ignorance..."There's something beautiful about the way the storms lights up the horizon"

He thinks for a second that maybe the single raindrop that fell on his nose was more significant than could be fathomed. He goes home and sits at his computer. By some super temporal chance he sees a thread about a writing activity. He unloads his entire musings into this thread in the peculiar chance that someone across the world in another unseen country might read it and find significance in it.

If you read all of this...Thanks.

... perhaps we should think more about the little things.

I'm not sure why all of this came flooding out of my subconscious when I was asked to write the first thing that comes to my head. I hope it makes sense.
"I feel sorry for James Blunt, he has to wake up every morning and think 'Ah man, I'm James Blunt'"
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I feel like going to heaven where the water fall lay. its just a river where i can swim by myself and someone special. i need a vacation to a different realm. somewhere cold and that has ice and that has a sense of eerienses its like a bubble wrapped in a cylinderical tube of smoke
puf comes inpiration and heaven.

i close my eyes see those pillars. do those pillars have caliigraophy on them? i think there special . i think theres something more to life that we havnt discovered thats more beutiful and touching and i want to find out what it is. i want to be one with the world and give it back i dont care bout fashion or politics i care bout dreams and imagination. i need a cold and eerie world
I read Hot Pants' text, and started to think about it. It sounds corny, cheesy and expectable even to say that, Simple Things change your life, a minor detail takes the main role in something that you might notice. A Teardrop, for example.

Someone, looked up, and had a teardrop fall on the nose, it happened, the odds, the probabilities don't matter anymore, it happened, somehow, it fell from the clouds where tons of agitated water molecules grew in weight, turned liquid and fell. And they fell, through the sky and landed on this Man's nose. Making him think about it. A minor detail, a Minor happening, a circumstance made this man interrupt his train of thought, and enter new one.

That is details, happenings, circumstances, imagine, what if Newton never bothered about the apple that fell on his head and ate it instead? Someone else would had invented gravity, probably giving it a different name, or a different value, or equation. It all comes down to a minor detail, a minor happening in shaping your own life, your own being, yourself.

I do not know if I'm going around in circles, but for me, it feels so.. I don't know the word, I just feel like paying more attention to myself, my surroundings, alert, for a small happening, that could change tons of things. I met someone, and it was just a streak of luck, I met someone, and that someone grew to be the one who I most cared for, and it all started with a tiny detail, a tiny circumstance, a story to tell, though.

INsignificant to others, but the most meaninguful circumstance to me. It all depends on people, and their ways, and how they notice everything. Glad to be diferent.

NOte: Sorry for the bland dubious text, it just, flew out.
A wondering green/ blue T-rex enjoyed the beautiful night, standing alone in a patch of grass; pondering the shimmering lights in the dark sky. stars shinning down, bouncing off a near by pond, escaping the cold depths of space to dance with the small body of water. The lone rex drifted off into the sunrise, disappearing as did the stars.

When all a sudden a small child picked up a marble, through it against a wall, exploding the rex's world. lolololol the end.
I hated the fact that the Spaniards came to Philippines and stayed. Gave us 10 years worth of Philippine History in school and it doesn't even matter much. Everyone goes into Nursing.

I like Math. Mathematicians had too much time in their hands. Why do you need to come up with the way to get the square root of something? It's so pointless but it's fun.

I don't like the word forever. It's scary and it's deceiving. But I'm stubborn so I try to believe in it and think it's gonna be different this time. I made pancakes and they look weird. They weren't round. They were splattered. I think I didn't cook them well because I feel like there's a lump in my throat.

I'm in love with a man in uniform. I feel like the time traveler's wife.
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Nothing is stranger than being anonymous.
Itchy thigh, itchy balls, itchy pits. Do I have STIs? Nah, just fleas. Cause I'm a dog. A big, furry dog. I'll kill you if you come too close. But I'm friendly at the same time. I like treats. They make my mind go off like a train. Choo choo. Trains are awesome. Choo choo. I haven't ridden one in a couple months though. Choo choo. It's like a journey, except you just sit there. Choo choo. Chuggah chuggah choo choo. I just ate a bowl of cereal. It had raisins in it. Yum. Now I'm full. I ate too much. ****.
Five hundred bananas ago I sat on an open flame and cooked into cinnamon rolls. I watched as my feet turned into carrots and my hands into mushrooms. Standing on the fire, I jumped off into nothingness, and started to swim in the doggie doo. Then, looking up at the baby that was mocking me, I turned into a 200 kruton tall Pikachu and used thunder on it. The baby was smoldering, and it shrieked in agony as I laughed at it. Then, it folded.
Did you know the odds of a Vault-Tec shelter failing are 1,763,497 to 1?

So imagine life in a Vault-Tec Vault. Not just a future.
A brighter future... underground.

Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
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Stupid stupid stupid retarded music why can't they play good stuff. Figuratively speaking. Gosh, I hate radio. I hate mainstream music. I hate MTV. No, I don't. They played Scotch Mist that day. Awesome stuff. And they played a Children of Bodom video, didn't they? Yes, they did. See, they aren't that bad. Oh god, Soulja Boi.

I need to get Mel's song done. I'm proud of the fact that I made my first complete drum track for a song on Acoustica Beatcraft. That was rather neat. Hope it works out well. But I need my freaking adapter. And Ray's being a complete bitch. And why does a Micro BR need so much batteries if I don't use the adapter? Insane stuff. Goddammit, my gear pretty much sucks. That sucks.

Let's see, Micro Cube. Read the UG review for the new version, kicks the crap out of mine, that's for sure. 31 patterns of drum tracks? I don't even have one on mine. Then again, Micro Cube isn't actually the best amp out there. Micro. That's odd. Micro BR, that's my recorder. And uhm, I just listened to Micro Cuts a couple of hours ago. Let's see, what else? Microwave? Yes, I'm quite hungry. But I shouldn't be eating, I'm getting just a tad flabby. No, actually, just less toned. That's better.

Bah, I should work out. But I'm hungry. And I'm at my computer, which technically means I should start wanking too. Though I don't altogether feel like doing so. I feel like recording, which I can't. Oh gosh, dentist tomorrow. I have to sleep soon. When? Let's see, I've decided to get about 9 hours of sleep (including 1 hour of tossing and turning at the start, and 1 hour or so for those random times when I wake up and start playing random sh1t on the guitar), and it's 11.05pm now. Need to wake at 7am, I suppose.

So let's count backwards. Meh. That makes no sense. That means I should be sleeping already. But I'm not. Oh well, screw it, I'm sleeping at 12. That's a nice number, and it'll technically be tomorrow.
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Five hundred bananas ago I sat on an open flame and cooked into cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls are elegant and refined, yet innocent and sweet. They are ridiculously unhealthy to my body, yet an elixir to my soul. Sweets sweets sweets. They keep me happy happy happy. Skip Skip Skip to my lou. Songs from my childhood make me smile. As do cinnamon rolls. Nursery rhymes too. Mother Goose is a BAMF. She is way too cool. It's weird how all children seem to love her stories. I loved them. Whhhaat?
Piano keys are melting together into a grey mess on what is now just a table, removed from its purpose, and the sticky black and white liquid drips slowly to the floor, splashing small drops of white across the wooden panels that make the surface, like paint. As they impact upon the floor, they make small *ping* sounds.

In many ways, this reflects people. We are the purpose that makes this world what it is, and as we interact with each other we merge or shy away, but either way we will create a giant blend of personalities, like a colourless rainbow. Eventually, we fall from this platform to another, letting out only a small scream, and splashing across the world, leaving effects which will fade with time.
I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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It's odd how sometimes things don't work out how you want them to. It's really strange. So strange infact that I wish it didn't have to be that way. If people were right all the time, I wonder what this place'd be like? What are you looking at right now? Is that a window over there? I imagine it is. Open it. Take a walk through the tree and see if they want to play with you because that's how it's supposed to be. You never know, it's just something you have to trust me on. Music man, music. I was just listening to this song and it stopped suddenly and I lost my trail of thought.

Holy shit! That felt really crazy.
Gonna Leave this town

Gotta leave this town

Gonna make a whole lotta money

Gonna be big yeah...
(Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin')

It will be one hundred attempts before I learn from my mistakes. I don't have time for that. No-one dies. And so we make mistakes. History is running on repeat, deafening me with its silent cries of warning. And still I do not listen.

EDIT: No-one dies? I meant No-one does, but I think No-one dies is just as fitting, and sounds better. I'll leave it there.
I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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i sit and look at the fruits of my creation, and its unexpected (but expected on some level) independence. how it shapes and molds itself based on the simple principles of imitation that drive the human psyche. a man writes of a dog, another man writes of dog food. another man writes of the numerous writings of dogs and dog food. another man finds himself rather up for a good inquiry into the significance of different aspects of life in relation to the current significance put on them by society, using mostly water-based imagery. another man follows suit in a similar and dissimilar manner, using water-based imagery again, but instead forming it to his own ideological purposes. what follows is a chain of writings on different subjects, all carried out in the same point of view - a seemingly impartial narrator disguising human desires in an attempt to gain academic credibility.

enter the main character, one more of many who share such different views but do not differentiate in the one aspect that they view themselves as the protagonist of whatever tale is being told. he writes of what he sees, ironically in the same fashion as those writings that he was previously (but oh-so subtly) criticizing. he resorts to his own base-philosophies that he has taught himself over time, some based on the influences and findings of others, and some formulated from so many queries and daydreams. what if there were worlds beyond our own, yet quite similar in that the only differences entailed a boy scratching his nose at one second of one minute of one hour of one day of one week of one month of one year of one decade of one century of one eon of time, or a spec of dust being caught up in a draft with its comrades instead of lying on the ground below for one more moment, leaving the rest of the universe unchanged for its long, long existence? what if, for one minute, all human beings shared the collective serenity of admiring something so basic as a bit of silence, setting aside their superficial hopes and dreams to recognize the vast superiority of such basic pleasures to what they had so forcefully strived for? and what if, instead of for a moment, these people continued with such thinking, making the world not just a better place, but the epitome of utopia? the answer that this proverbial protagonist will give will be the same in all aspects of contemplation, and will never change. Never in life.

his answer would be this, and no more. it doesn't matter. In the end it doesn't matter. and thank god for that.
I kicked a ball. It flew over the fence and came crashing down on the pavement the other side, scaring a fox, which hurtled into the road in an attempt to escape the ball. A driver saw the fox and swerved to avoid it, crashing into a tree at the side of the road. Another car behind it crashes into that. One passenger died. This is how the butterfly effect works. However, he would have survived, had he worn a seatbelt.
I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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