I don't usually post here, but I've been wondering how to do this.

I have a Randall G2 series 100W amp and a Boss GT-8 guitar effects processor. How would I get my amp to act as a speaker for the presets on the pedal board using the effects loop?

I'm not too good with this stuff..
well, you can either put it in front of the amp so you have the parametric eq to sculpt the sound even more, or you can run the output of the GT-8 into the effects return, works with mine...
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Ok, I've run the output of the GT-8 into the return of the effects loop, but all I'm getting is a really chunky fat sound no matter how I tweak the settings.
You have run the send on your amp into the GT-8 haven't you?
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Yes I have run the return on the amp into the GT-8, I can't get it to sound like anything decent though.
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