hey im doing a duet with this girl at school and i just wanted some ideas of any decent songs that could be a good duet we dont want it to soft theres just me playing guitar and singing and she'll be singing as well she can also play harmonica so any songs with that would be sweet any suggestions?
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anything by admiral freebee ( belgian artist, worth checking out!!) , 'rags 'n run' is a very nice song of him to play , it also has harmonica in it
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coldplay - viva la vida
bette - midler
dht - listen to your heart
eagles - hotel california
beatles - while my guitar gently weeps
breaking benjamin - diary of jane acoustic
tonic - if you could only see
Alice in chains - unplugged album has 2 acoustics on every song. Also jerry cantrell assists on vocals so there are 2 vocal parts to many songs as well.

neil young or bob dylan have harmonica in many songs like the above poster said not sure how many guitars are in those arrangments though you might have to change it up a little.

Hope that helps my brain wont let me think of anymore at the moment. If something pops in my head ill post it later. Have fun!
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coldplay - viva la vida

Don't play coldplay! Please.
But what about Bob Dylan? Can't go wrong with a classic. Plus he's got lots of harmonica parts. And I think The Times They Are A Changin' would be awesome with male and female vocalists.
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Thats right i remeber the album desire by bob dylan there is a female vocalist (joan biez?). That album had duets with that female vocalist on there check that out.
If you play Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and play the harmonica parts but also play it in place of the lead guitar, you will smash people's faces off. Also it has male and female voices.

Absolutely play some Dylan, a crowd-pleaser unless all the kids at your school are unaware of one of the greatest artists ever. If they don't recognize any songs, just play Knocking on heavens door and they'll think you're covering G'n'R.

...or maybe the Simpsons theme. Everyone ought to recognize that....
Maybe you should try some of these songs:
How to Save a Life/The Fray
Hotel California/The Eagles
Lucky/Jason Mraz
Waiting on the World to Change/John Mayer
Sunday Morning/Maroon 5
Misery Business[Acoustic]/Paramore
thanks for the ideas that lucky song by jason mraz is sweet we might do that one
iron & wine

such great heights would be cool with maybe you doing the finger picking and her playing chords?
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then that's not an acoustic duet. that's just a duet. Your thread title was misleading.
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Glen Hansard's and Marketa Irglova's "Falling Slowly" off of the "Once" soundtrack.
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something by neil young maybe? that sometimes has a harmonica in it.

Yeah, check out "Long May You Run" by Neil Young. It has harmonica and a great female harmony vocal.
i only know a few good songs that have the harmonica in it. Perhaps "Pink" by aerosmith would be a good suggestion. I believe tat the song is juist repeating chords but i have yet to look it up. Just a suggestion*