...Dunno if this is in the right place, but here goes...

I've been singing and playing lead guitar in my band for nearly a year now (for 2 years i was the bassist, but i changed to support the rhythm guitarist, who has only been playing a couple of months), but now my rhythm guitarist has invited his cousin to sing for us. the problem is, that i really get on with him, but he just cannot sing.

This is a video from his previous band, with my brother on the Vintage Les Paul, playing rhythm guitar (basically powerchords). I'm sure you'll agree this is dire...


And the singers cousin thinks that this is good, and that he shows promise. And he just wants to let me play lead (because I get enough attention anyway from my solos, apparantly) and stop me singing altogether, for this moron to take my place!

It might sound a little babyish and selfish, but I really enjoy singing live and in the studio. Plus my voice is pretty good...


Anyway, the point of this is to ask you lovely people how I can stop the rhythm guitarists cousin from joining us, without offending either of them.

Please Help!

just tell em' you like how things are going now and you dont wanna change it up, tell em' you enjoy singing and if they feel you get to much attention back the solos down, let your rhythm have a solo every now and then.

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What kind of music does the band play? Because I think if it's punk he's good. I think if it's more like alternative, he would be better. I'm just basing this off of your cover of Wonderwall and the video of him.
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the thing is Josh, rhythm guitarist does get a few solos, for example, in two of the songs we wrote when i played bass have guitar solos that he plays and in some of our covers, like the bucket (kings of leon) and creep (radiohead) he plays the lead and solos, plus he has told me he doesn't mind me playing solos and stuff.
what i heard of the video he didnt sound too bad but it was **** quality and a **** song anyway but for what he had to do in the song it sounded fine.
But your voice does sound pretty good of what ive heard of the wonderwall cover so far.
Meh who cares if you offend him, if the cousins not happy with it just leave and start a new band
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Shoot him and frame Pete Wentz, do us all a favour, or just try and reason with the guy whos cousin is joining.
he is not that bad singing, but tlak with your bandmembers about your opinion
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just an update on this from today, although this was a long time ago that i posted this.

last week i went on holiday to cyprus and in the time i was away, on my first holiday in over 5 years, the scheming twats in my band invited him in, took my singer status away, changed the genre from alt rock to, i quote, "hardcore/progressive/new wave/screamo", wrote two songs and played a charity gig without me.

looks like i'll be taking druz's advice and either starting a new band, joining my mate lukes band or focussing on my solo project. sorry for bringing this up again, but i'm so upset and angry right now, i needed someone to talk to, as my soon-to-be-ex band members were my only close friends. ****ing wankers, who needs em...
Just tell them that you enjoy singing in the band, they do not have any right to replace you without your permission, if they think they can then they are wrong. Just tell the other singers cousin to imagine you kicking him out to let your cousin play and he isnt even good.
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