so ive got a marshall MG30DFX (Cue hail of abuse)
To be honest, i dont mind it. I think i can get a pretty good tone out of it, and atm i only use it for practicing so its all that i need
but.. its started cutting out evry now and then
its not a massive problem but it annoys me.
Also its not got the best tone
so im wondering wether i should try and return the MG and get my money back, combine that money with birthday money and spend that on a new amp
or should just keep the amp and use birthday money to buy a cheap second guitar (ibanez rg321)

EDIT: if i want to send MG back, its gonna cost me to ship it back as i ordered it off the net
ive got no idea how much that would be :/
prolly not a good idea to try and return an amp shipped from the net, just sell it to some sucka and get a decent amp ( i can talk)
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