Hey everyone

Has anyone seen any officially-imported ES-339s in UK?

I've had one on order from a Gibson dealer since December 07, delivery date at time of order was supposed to be March 08 latest, but since then I've not been able to get even an estimate of delivery time.

Just wondered if anyone else is either waiting or has been successful in getting hold of one.


Gibson takes a long time to ship stuff out like that usually, the last TIme i had something that needed to be shipped from Gibson it took them 6 months, and I live in the states.
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i've seen at least one on a wall in a shop
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
cheers, guess I'll just have to be patient then :-)

... or may be not! lol

Did wonder if they might not be importing any at all into UK, but sounds like that's not the case, thanks.