I'm thinking of picking up a PS3 for metal gear. Just wanted to see if anyone was looking to dump theirs. I have and Boss RC-2 Loop Station and I have a Wii with several games, a nintendo ds lite, and a sony psp I'd be willing to part with. Games are:

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3
Wario Ware
Resident Evil 4
Super Monkey Ball
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The PSP will be good to keep because they can link to the PS3 and do something good not sure what haha. I only have the PS3, PSP looked crap.

Wii are pretty **** though dude
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i wouldn't get a PS3 just for one game man, you can rent them for a week for like 15 dollars, just do that, for 45 you can rent the system for awhile and the only game worth buying that isn't on the 360 as well : )

and the PSP is pretty awesome, i wouldn't get rid of it.

(i'd rather have a ps3 than a wii though, so you might find someone wanting to trade)
Yeah, I have never been a huge fan of the PS3, but I never play my wii at all. I thought at the very least I'd be getting a blu-ray player out of the deal. The wii is really cool, it's just not my style. Doesn't take advantage of my plasma screen
true, that would be a good deal to get a bluray player. You can see what any game shops have like a used one in? i know they'll cut deals on some of those. Gamestop does sometimes. With the popularity of the wii they might jump on it.
I might be interested in buying some of your wii games.
Let me know what you have.
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