right guys,
first off may as well declare i am an absolute novice at electric guitar,
i have a hutchins paisley 6 string 2 pickup, bridge single soil and neck tele style pickup, lil somethin like this I guess neck pickup .

ahh I also have a SHOCKIN LEEM 818R amp.

when I plug the two together the amount of hummin is ridiculous!and thats even before any strings are touched! I bout the NS-2 (BOSS) in an attempt to to reduce this, and then the BD-2 (BOSS) to compensate for the supposed noise suppression....

it makes no difference!!

i've never played a good amp or a good electric so dont know how much background noise would be normal.

I know other electrical equipment can cause problems, so I've plugged it in in an isolated room-makes no difference...

so I guess, am i doin anythin wrong?anyone got any ideas on the gain volume settins, pedal orders, or tweaks to the guitar I should be makin?

its makin it impossible to play, as with each note that is picked, u have the previous one or two still ringin, in addiition to guitar and amp hummin addin to th mix!!

or is it simply a case of an awful amp and an awful guitar?
It sounds like some loose wiring in the amp or in the jack in the guitar, you may have to get em repaired. Wait for some other opinions though
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1. Both your pick-ups are single coil, which can give of some noise while at high volumes etc.
2. Check the power supply to your amp, it happened to me at a practice a couple days ago!
3. The cables and the inputs on your amp, guitar or pedals may be loose/faulty.
4. Could be a more serious problem inside the amp or guitar's wiring.
5. Interferance or background radiation.

good luck

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there might be something wrong with the cable. try switching cables. if it persists, try using another guitar on the amp. if the hum is gone, there might be something wrong with the wiring on your guitar. probably bad grounding.
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Have you tried moving around the room? I think it's probably due to interference, but I have the same problem with my 15W Crate amp and my strat-copy. Swapping cables doesn't do anything nor does changing outlets or moving the amp around. However I notice that if I align the guitar in certain directions the interference vanishes.

It's pretty annoying and obnoxiously loud even at low volumes, most especially on the bridge pick-up. I usually just restrict myself to the sort of humbucking setting between the middle and bridge pickups(though I guess that doesn't help you) as that's the only solution I've found that works. I must be at some kind of electromagnetic convergence.
cheers for all the tips guys. twas fearin it was somethin with the guitar wiring.
its not the pedals, cos the hummin occurs without the pedals bein used.
i have two cables and have used different ones. no difference, so there probably not the problem.

Reckon its the amp or the guitar. will be gettin a new amp before long, so that should eliminate another-maybe leavin the guitar!!!