Right now I am in school in massachusetts and we have no central air it is extremely humid and it's about 97 Degrees Farenheight right now, so it feels like it's about 110 out, so who else is completely sweating from doing nothing?
Can't say that I'm in the same situation as you..actually, it's the opposite. It's quite cold in my house..

Have a sympathy hug. *hug*
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I live in Canada and I can safely say this is a total heat wave. When it's 40 degrees at 10 at night, you know it's a problem.
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40 degrees at 10 at nite? Man you got it made
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i'm actually awesome.

for the last 6 summers i've been working in an auto shop, no air, wearing coveralls working on hot cars.

i'm not there this summer so i'm just loving the fact that i can wear shorts and not work.
I'm in Canada too (southern Ontario) and it's a pretty bad heat wave. My school isn't airconditioned either and we only have one fan in each room. I was sweating while standing in line to talk to the teacher yesterday.
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well right now its about 11 degrees celcius here in melbourne..
( i think thats about 50 degrees fahrenheit? )
pretty cold.
but then again, it is winter.
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40 degrees at 10 at nite? Man you got it made

40 Celcius = 110 Fahrenheit?
''Technological advancements are like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.'' - Albert Einstein
I'm not! I'm at home, out of school for the summer, relaxing in my air conditioned living room.

...I'm a prick.
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I'm in Nova Scotia, it's a nice 11 degrees C here today. Yesterday it was right close to 30. It sucked stepping out of a nice air conditioned building into that heat.
It's been worse here, it's about 15 degrees celcius. It's just about right today. Been having a lot of 'Blackpool' weather this week i.e. Sunny but breezy enough that it isn't warm.


Been melting at night though, definitely.
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welp at work the kitchen is at least 100 prob 110, with the fans going.

fun time, fun times......
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