I've been thinking about buying a pickup for my Washburn acoustic, since I'm starting up a solo acoustic project and it might come in handy. I was looking at this one, it caught my eye mainly cause it's only $30.


Does anyone have any experience with this pickup? The reviews on musicians friend are largely positive and as long as I don't hear anything too bad about it I will most likely buy it. I'm not looking for the most pure acoustic tone, it's ok if it sounds a bit electric-y. Thanks in advance for any replies.
the main problem with any passive soundhole pickup is that the signal isnt strong enough on it's own. a preamp would greatly benefit you by making the pickup's signal much stronger. you can get a good preamp for under $100.

As for the actual pickup's performance, i wouldnt know. It does sound like it would suit your needs though as your washburn is probably not too expensive from what I'm guessing. There's really no point in dropping a few hundred on a guitar that's not worth too much more
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