Is there anyway to tighten a string without actually tuning it? The E string sounds very muffled and when i raise the string up anyway from the pick ups it sounds so much clearer, but then obvisouly its tuned up more.

Or maybe its just time for new strings? ive got d'addario's and a Fender Jaguar bass, but their not even that old.
Raise the bridge
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Maybe you should just try strins with a different diameter. I don't know what sizes bass strings come in, but I've personally tried a couple of guitar strings and it's just about finding he ones for you m8.
Or you could indeed try another brand. Personally I like D'Addarios but maybe you're just more of an Ernie Balls kinda guy . (Or any other brand of strings. I just like the name Ernie Balls)
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Raise the bridge

Overrread that.
That should definately help
I actually think its more the sound than the actual string.

I only got my Preamp thing from for my amp back in the post today. I bought it supposedly "brand new" from imuso.co.uk but when it was delivered to me one of the EQ sticks had been snapped off and only half of them worked.Also they ignored all my emails. It's a Laney RB4, £200 or so, then another £45 for repairs!

So yeah, wouldnt recommened imuso.co.uk
Or you could just take the strings off and cut them then put them back on thus makeing them shorted and tighter
If you prefer the sound with the pickups further from the strings, lower the pickups. If you want higher action, raise the action. If you want higher string tension at the same tuning, get heavier strings.
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Or you could just take the strings off and cut them then put them back on thus makeing them shorted and tighter

what are you smoking man? your message here is about as clear as mud, and it seems nonsense anyway.

I would probably recommend a full setup with a higher guage of strings
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I thought it said "fapping strings." I really didn't know what that meant. If they're to physically loose, use a larger gauge. If it's just the sound, mess with your EQ.