Which amp should i get the Fender Blues Jr. 15w tube amp or the Frontman 65w Combo Amp? The Blues Jr. is more expensive because its a tube amp but is it worth the extra money? Is the sound that much better? Which amp is louder? thx
A guy I play with sometimes uses a Blues Jr. for band practice, and a friend has a Frontman 65R.

The Blues Jr. has great tone & great cleans, and no doubt sounds better than the Frontman. The Blue's Jr. is a lower wattage, good quality all tube amp with great tone. It's strong enough for band practice, home practice, and small gigs. It's not enough for a larger venue, and if you're looking for high gain tones it doesn't have that without pedals or effects.

The Frontman is louder ... the Frontman 65R will get brutally loud. It has a lot more of a high gain sound on channel 2 also. But the Frontman is essentially a high wattage solid state practice amp with more bass & volume than a typical practice amp. It doesn't sound bad and has some useful feature like channel switching and an effects loop, but you will really need pedals or effects to help clean up the tone if playing live with it. The distortion is somewhat fizzy on the Frontman and the tone is not as rich & clear as on the Blue's Jr.
I would definitely help to know what styles you plan on playing and if you have, or plan on buying, any pedals for distortion. The Blues Jr. will need a distortion/overdrive in front of it if you want to do anything heavy. As for the Frontman, I've heard those are muddy. Haven't had much experience with it.

I got my BJ used for about $200. Then again, the reverb on it doesn't work. But I think it is definitely worth it, and it's loud enough. Mine rivals the volume of my friend's 120W 212 SS, but it's a pretty crappy amp he has.
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I have a Frontman. Don't get it. If you are seriously down to ONLY those two amps then get the Blues Jr. I almost did and probably will eventually.

I guess there are some instances where solid state amps are better but there are better ones out there than the Frontman. I love Fender too so you really need to hear me out on this one. And the BJ can get hella loud prolly almost as loud as that 65 wattr solid state. Problem with high watt solid states imo is that the louder you crank it the worse it sounds - typically the opposite with tube/valve amps.

what is your budget?
what type of music to you play/wanna play?
home or gig?
new or used?
blah blah blah
Blues Junior hands down. It's a tube amp, your sound will only benefit from it. It can get ridiculously loud when both volume and master are on 4, and if you ever need more volume then mic it!
Blues Jr is a great sounding amp at a good price. The frontman isn't a great sounding amp and isn't good for much.

If you want to sound good then it's worth the extra money.
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