yeah im self tought so i have some quick easy questions

1 how do u perform a ghost note

2 what does the X's mean

3 when u have some thing like this what do u do to the middle string

2 the X usually tells you to mute that string / strings

3 uhm, it may just be some inconcistency in the tab... ot it means to play slower / faster... dunno.
1. A ghost bend is when you bend the note up without playing it so it doesn't sound, then you play the bent note and release it.

2. You damp the strings so you get the kind of scratchy sound.

3. Either mute it with your fret hand and play all 3 strings on fingerpick, and just hit the strings with notes on them
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1. a ghost note is a note which is played, but usually barely audible. represented by the note being in brackets (though sometimes notes are in brackets, it can mean other things)
2. rest your fretting hand across the strings. strum the strings, should sound 'percussive'
3. theyre common in octaves, where you play a note, and play the same note an octave above two strings up. just mute the middle string. should be wrote with an 'x' on the string, but guitarists are lazy and cant be bothered to write it in.
Quote by wretchedspawn
3- means that you hit all three strings the middle is just open.

I don't think so.

It should either be played as written (i.e. pick those two notes at the same time with your fingers) or muted, like so:

- 3 -
- X -
- 3 -