Ive found a nice paino sheet and would like to turn it into a tab. I dont know where to start. Can you guys give me some help.

if you know how to play the guitar then just read it and play it, changing any piano-specific features to the closest possible guitar equivelent.
otherwise get a copy of guitar-pro and click every note in and it will convert to tab for you. might not be the best option as often the fingering is ****.
do you mean its in standard notation? the black notes and stuff?
Ive currently got it open in GP5. Its not in standard notation but is a series of chords.

Am basically trying to a number of piano notes into 1 guitar note.

anything on piano can be put on guitar...the guitar frets are done in half notes, as are the piano keys. if you hit every key on a piano in a row each key is a half step above it's precedent. same is true for guitar frets. piano covers more octaves though i think, but you can just notate the parts not found on guitar in a lower harmony or higher harmony so it works.