Hey guys. I have just started to learn how to move scales on the neck. I have a question though. There are 5 forms of the Pentatonic Scale right? So i learned how to move between them last night. The next one i want to learn down the neck is the harmonic minor. So are there 7 different forms of this scale? Is that correct? Where can i find these?
-But to tell you the truth, you need to learn the notes in the scale, not the pattern. It will help you SOOOOOO much when you deal with theory. Learn the sharps/flats(which ever you go by) in the scales and which scales fit in others.
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Try to avoid thinking in terms of forms, shapes or patterns when learning scales. Instead, learn the scales themselves. If you learn the notes and the pattern of intervals you'll find it a lot easier to move round the neck.

Also, before learning anymore scales you really need to get the major scale under your belt - everything else relates back to it. Learn the notes on the fretboard, then learn the interval formula of the major scale to allow you to form the major scale anywhere on the neck.

AFTER you've done that you can start looking at scale diagrams of the major scale to see how it all fits together and help you use the scale more effectively.
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Wait um are you talking about the CAGED system

for the harmonic minor i believe there are 7 but only 5 are common heres a link

Harmonic Minor Positions

if you find the positions for the Minor Scale could you Pm or something and also that site has the positions for the Melodic Minor and Major also
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Hey thanks for the help guys. I know all of the pentatonic boxes so I can jam with my friends. But i guess i'll take Steven's advice and learn the major scale and how to move it next. I am already working on learning the notes on the fretboard. This is a little challenging for me and I have some music background. I cannot imagine someone coming into this without even knowing how to read music. Again, Thanks for the help.