I want to paint the front of my acoustic guitar with acrylics however i fear for the sound quality being diminished, anyone know if it will?
it shouldn't. i don't think it will, but don't do it because of my opinion.
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maybe a bit. not much. it could possibly kill the finish though. be very careful. clear coat it when your done too.
I dont think you'll hear it if it does (but how much paint?). And chances are its not some expensive acoustic since you want to paint it, so im guessing it already has that thin plastic gloss on it, if thats the case go ahead.
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yeah it's not expensive (that said, i cant afford an expensive guitar - that's why i own it) but I intend on purchasing a new guitar soon anyway, but I want to go all expressionistic on it.
yeah, its got that thin plastic gloss on it. do you think i should sand it down before painting?
Keep it too as few coats as possible for the best possible sound, that's about all their is to tell you.
i want to see pics when you are done!
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