has anyone else had this problem? I can clearly hear radio coming through my amp, especially when I'm using pedals. It was amusing to me at first, but now it's just constant and annoying. any ideas on how to get rid of it or why it's happening?
I've heard lots of people have this trouble. The radio signal somehow gets picked up on your amp but I forget how. Apparently just moving your amp to a different place can help it but I'm not 100% on this.
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That's kind of cool. Have you figured out a way to turn off the radio being played and where is the amp?
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mine does the same thing when i play at my house. someone once told me that its the grounding in the house not the amp. which i tend to believe because i have used several diffrent amps and i still can pick up a radio signal
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mine used to do this...check to make sure the input jack is tight first and formost. But re-location helps. Mine only happened on 1 outlet in my house.
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It happens because the cable running from the amps input to the 1st pin of the 1st preamp tube is too long and not shielded. If your preamp sockets are mounted directly to a circuit board there isn't much you can do other than reposition your amp. If your amp has a real wire running to pin one then you could add a 68K resistor directly onto the tube socket. That'll filter off some of the stray signals.
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