I've been looking at some of these small 15 watt tube stack amps, such as the Black Heart Little Giant (Even though it's not 15 watts), the Epiphone Valve Jr. (Again, 5 watts as well), the Orange Tiny Terror and the Krank Rev Jr. Half Stack (Though it's a bit pricy for me.)

My current Gear: Jackson Dinky DK2M and a Vox AD15VT
I've been wanting to play Metal (Sorta. Not the extreme screaming death metal.) to Classic Rock. So, I want the option of having cleans, but I want to get some gain in there too.

For Price, it's really not got a limit, but I wanna try to keep it as cheap as possible.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
I can't seem to find a price for the Tiny Terror head. Do you have any idea of what that would cost?
Also, would it be best to get a cabinet from Orange with it, or would there be a better one?
Not really. I think that would be a perfect fit for you. Buy used and most likely get it pretty cheap (compared to new). No need to really get the orange 1x12 unless you have the cash. May I suggest an empty 1x12 cab from here http://www.lopoline.com/catalog/item/3698186/3354497.htm
and loading it with this speaker http://warehousespeakers.com/proddetail.php?prod=green25_12

Much cheaper than the orange and will be just as good IMO.
Unfortunately, there are no dealers close enough to try anything out for Orange. My parents aren't big on making trips and I don't have a car...Or am able to drive.

So, has anyone had experiance with the ones on Musician's Friend?