I want my friend to play, he said he wouldnt mind trying. I have another LP he could use. The very first thing to teach is how to read tab, right?
The first thing would teach him basic chords. Either open or power/barre. Also teach him notes and open strings.
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no teach him scales and tab
then chords because he will have finger muscles and it will be alot easier
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First teach him scales, very slowly and tab to go along with it.
Throw in some music theory here and there
Then show hinm the chords to go around it.
then improvisation.
All the while throw in parts of songs he likes so that he can plays those and stay interested
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if he said he'd like to give it a try, i'm pretty sure he isn't going to want to learn scales right now, i've got a suspicion that he'll get bored. Just teach him tabs, then find some songs he likes that are really easy... people learn guitar firstly to play songs they like (well i did), then later when they know it's what they want to do, they learn how to write songs and such...

but that's just my two cents.

yeah i would show him some easy riffs to keep him interested then scales and stuff if he wants to stick with it
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ya, for sure do more song oriented stuff first, if you start w/ scales and music theory, he'll get bored really fast.
hmm... why not ask him what he wants to do? but keep it simple lol

and yeh teach him his fave easy songs and some easy riffs and bring him in slowly
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ya, for sure do more song oriented stuff first, if you start w/ scales and music theory, he'll get bored really fast.

yeah, i've seen so many people quit guitar just because they said they weren't getting what they wanted from their lessons...

as i said, people just want to have fun on guitar. Teach him his favorite songs, and then if he says "is there something more" or "how do you write songs", teach him what he wants. But for know, try to keep it fun and interesting.