I got and Ibanez grx-40 jumpstart guitar, and it keeps getting out of tune after only 5 minutes or less of playing. Is there a type of nut accessory or some sort of tuning keys that will fit on the guitar??
I have the same guitar and had(HAD) the same problem.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I made the tremelo float, but I also put some stuff(graphite, from a pensil, with some vaseline) in/on the nut, and it barely goes out of tune now. it even barely goes out of tune when I use the tremelo excessively.

EDIT: to make that 'stuff' take a pencil and rub it over some sandpaper(only the graphite top) then mix the graphite with some vaseline and put it on the nut. then slide the string back and forward so that the graphite will come between the strings and nut.
*note: you can also do this without the vaseline but it works 10x better with.
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do you have new strings on your guitar? if so, try to stretch them a bit with your hands before playing and it will gradually stay in tune a lot more time...
If you have the bridge where it floats, that will make it go out of tune, and also make sure you are putting the strings on the tuners right, cuz that'll throw it out of tune too.
If you have a floating bridge and it goes out of tune, how do you stop it, its mainly my G string that goes out?
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buy locking tuners? yea or a locking nut. but i mean thats kinda an effect some cheap guitars have i would think.
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Go to your local musicstore (where you bought it?) and let them set it up properly
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stretch string first. take it to a tech if it persists
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buy better tuners, duh

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