I can do a 2 step bend on my strat on the higher frets, but I can't do a 2 and half step bend. Will i impose any risk on my guitar by putting too much pressure on it? Is it also normal for my string to go out of tune after i try it? BTW im using 9's
Well you've got to be careful, bends like that are easiest on the B and G strings, especially the latter. It's more snapping the string you've got to watch out for, not the guitar.
yea, the worst that can happen is snapping a string. thats y i dont go over 1 and a half steps, cause it could snap the string and i dont have strength to lol.

i just slide up a step then bend
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I would release some of the tension on my bridge, so it floats a little, and then just rock my picking hand back on that for the extra half step.
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Snap a string? Seriously? Your strings have to be old to do that, because I'm bending 3 steps with my .11s....
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why exactly do you need to do a 2 1/2 bend anyway?

im learning the solo from whole lotta love. I know it was a breeze to for Jimmy Page since he used 8's on a les paul. Its the b string that im bending
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I love how people come in here just to say they can bend further.
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it is normal for your string to go out of tune, especially so if your guitar is cheap, since it will more likely have cheap tuning mechanisms. on good guitars with heavier strings the strings will stay in tune better, but dont go changing from 9s to 15s!!!
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