I Am A Warrior
by kevin

Distinguished beams of light peirce the ruin
left, half standing, in the midst of eternal damnation
evil swept lands, drowning in the essence of life
redened soil, starved plants wilt then die
sour smelling air, charred flesh lingering in the breeze
sifting through the rubble, searching for gold
discovering helf decomposed bodies
of women and children
ravaging the lands, salvaging anything possible
these are the times, i resent being a warrior
we destroy there lands, they scream in agony
mew, chosen for slave, the weak dissembowelled
women and children, killed if need be
this is how we expand our empire
we steal others, take them over
soon it will be all ours
soon we will conqour all
untill then, untill it is our time
there are sacrifices to be made
all morals thrown out
the mind and heart of a warrior, stone cold
never show remourse
never let them see your consious mind
only after death, you can shed your scars
renew your self worth
then reign again

dont flame me cause of spelling becasue i did this when i was in a hurry and the idea popped in my mind to right this poem. help me out with whats good and not good about it.