Just curious what is the best one available at that price.

This includes all brands, not just Gibson. Edwards? Tokai? ESP Eclipse? Something at least made in Japan.

I want to get one eventually, but I don't want to overpay for a Gibby. Not too fond of the Epiphone headstock either, IMO it's just too damn ugly.
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Well, your traditional Les Paul style stuff I guess... Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Metal.
ESP eclipse or a esp ltd ec-1000 i guess or a elitist epiphone
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I'd definitely get an old Tokai Love Rock. I always see them going for less than that and they are amazing guitars. A nice Japanese one will be brilliant.
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Edwards, Tokai, Burny, Orville, Epiphone (the non-export models in Japan have the Gibby headstock) are all good options for you, based on glowing reviews from around the forums.

I personally have been EXTREMELY impressed with the Epiphone Elitist/Elite LP, and if you can find one with the Gibson headstock (or if you're fine with the Elitist/Elite "transition" headstock--which is different from the standard US production Epi headstock), I think you'd be hard pressed to find a significantly better guitar for your money---or even twice as much money.
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I'd definitely get an old Tokai Love Rock. I always see them going for less than that and they are amazing guitars. A nice Japanese one will be brilliant.

what he said.
+1 for the Tokai. None of the Japanese models I've triead have deceived me.
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most of those japanese copies already mentioned are pretty good (or are supposed to be pretty good, for the ones i haven't tried).
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If you want something that is a workhorse and aim to play on the road often, then the Gibson Vintage Mahogany LP is fabulous also at a great price tag of $900. It's a steal including a hardcase.