No, not really. I'd probably still be listening to same kind of music, I still would be going to the Pit. I play guitar now but I'm not good that it's just like not knowing how to play.

If I never learned how, I might be learning how to dance instead.
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Nothing is stranger than being anonymous.
I'd probably be a lot angrier
or just more emotional in general
without having that outlet

but hey, who knows?
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heck yeah its gonna be heavy its gonna be in Drop A tuning and the opening line of the CD will be like Worship god

and then the pope just does a freakin brutal breakdown
Yer id get arrested more... with guitar ive got something to do with my hands
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Just hit all the strings at once, raping your e string and making retardly out of place pinch harmonics

oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


And the amish said let their be CHEESE...
If I didnt have a guitar

I would'nt be a guitarist

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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
i would probably be twice as good at football (proper football, not American Football) although i am pretty good anyway.........

i cant imagine not playing guitar. i suppose i would like slightly different music and may have different tastes in bands.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

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Id' probably not have a lot of the friendss I have now, I talk to them about other stuff but guitar made us friends. And I would be bored all the time, if I'm bored now then I play the guitar.

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Rap is music,far better than metal for example. id much rather hear about hoes and anal sex than dragons and supressed homosexuality.
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Yer id get arrested more... with guitar ive got something to do with my hands

that was hilarious when my average pit monkey response almost came out... i lol'd

"U CULD LIEK F4P!!!11!1!!1!1ONE!!!1!1!"

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