So I'm going to the local music store and getting my guitar set up. I'm also thinking of getting a new pickup while their because these crapshoe Duncan Designed just can't handle metal. Or anything. Especially not pinch harmonics. Or anything that ends in -onic. I've been thinking about the Bill Lawrence USA or xl-100 like Dime used since I'm a big Pantera fan, but I also want to play things in the As I Lay Dying and Chiodos genres as well. I've also considered Blackouts and the EMG 81. This is gonna be the neck pickup atm only, just for leads. My guitar is a Jackson DK1 Dinky, and current amp Roland Microcube. I know people will tell me amp first, but I have heard the difference of pick ups in this amp. My other guitar has a much better harmonic sound too it, unless its just this jackson. =(
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Please, recommend me any bands or artists of any genre or medium. Paintings, poets, writers, books, paintings, songs, musicians.

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The Bill Lawrence and beautiful and cheap, do it.
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You could get $1000 custom made pickups hand wired with Eric Johnsons pubic hair, and they'd still sound pretty bad through a ****ty solid state practice amp.

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Really? I thought Frontmans where highly respected around here?!