So i've had this Encore bass for quite a few years now, it was my first bass so as you can imagine it's sounds fairly bad
here's a link to a pic of me playing it
and so i've decided to finally make it look and sound different
thing is, bit reluctant to do it because i think it looks pretty cool with the stickers even though i know it looks juvenile etc.
so i'm getting more opinions
what i'm gonna do is take the stickers off, take the scratchplate off, rip out all the electronics and pick ups and all that
then i'll take the bridge off but probably re-use later
and i shall strip the paint and paint it arctic white or cream
Then i'll get some proper Fender Precision pick ups put in with new knobs and wires etc and put a black pickguard on
i shall also get a real Fender Precision neck with a maple fretboard and fit it with some Ernie Ball strings
here's an edited pic to show basically what the new bass should look like (unless i paint it cream, then the colour will be a bit different
and a pic of an official Fender

So questions;
1) Would all the official Fender parts fit my Encore bass?
2) Would Fender pick ups be the best way to go or should i look into EMG or something?
3) What do i specifically need to completely re-wire it? is it just wires coming from the pick ups to the bit under the knobs or is there more to it?

Sorry for the lack of correct terminology
Rockin' shit