hi people!

just wanted your invaluable advice on an amp im looking at buying. Its a jcm 800 combo 100w early 80's i believe.

its a little tatty, but i wanna do it up, but everthing on it works perfectly.

just wanted to know if this unit is gonna give me the crunch im looking for. obviously i wanna test it, but just searching for comments really.

Do these sound better/worse/harsher etc etc than an off the shelf 800 head.

appreciate all comments.

I've heard that new ones of the shelf are a tad muddier but I haven't experianced that first hand. I do know that either new or old, they do produce a good amount of crunch.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
If Marshall's are your cup of tea, you'll love it. They're generally a steal compared to the reissues, too.
thanks for all your quick responses!

i think i will go for it, obviously ill try it. I gotta Slash Sig Epi, so im aiming for the decent blusey cleans with the "clean" gain crunch.

I suppose its gotta deliver really,

Oh and if you cut my left arm very carefully, you will see that "Marshall" is spelt out in my veins! love them to bits, going to the factory on friday....