Hi, I'm completely new to this forum (among other things), so pardon my newbisms.
I've been playing guitar for a few years, only randomly picking it up and playing it, but for the past couple years (or maybe only one), I got a bit more serious with it. Afterward, few months ago, my sister bought me an electric guitar from a little shop, and I know the guitar was bought second hand...

But just today (or maybe before that), I've been getting annoyed with this GAPING HOLE on the back of my guitar, and the whammy bar is missing.

I've done a little research, and I found out that whammy bar is also called a tremolo arm (I think), and in order to utilize its abilities, I'll need to buy some stuff for the back...

HOWEVER, I have no idea about any of this gobbledygook and I need some help, thus I came here for help. I found a couple of sites that might help, but I'd like someone or some people to guide me through this process and speak in a language I could understand.

Guitar specs: Fender Squier Strat Affinity series. There're more pictures of the guitar in my profile, here.
Wait... so all I need to do is put a plate in the back and screw in one of the arms? There's no real problem here?

Oh, and thanks! I have no idea about any of this hardware stuff, sadly.
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Wait... so all I need to do is put a plate in the back and screw in one of the arms? There's no real problem here?

no problem whatsoever
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Thanks for the help, everyone. I feel kind of dumb now, but now I know something I didn't before.
I'll be sure to look more into stuff like that, so that when the time comes I'll be prepared.
Thanks for the tip.
do you have any pictures to show us what you mean by "gaping hole"? I figured when I first read the first post that your backplate was just unscrewed...do you have a few springs in there? you won't be able to use the tremolo without the springs.
Yeah, it looks like three springs. Three big springs. Click the "GAPING HOLE" link, if that's what you mean.
for the 'gaping hole', thats not much of a problem, you just need to get a plate to screw in and you can just go buy a tremolo arm. you would probably find both at guitar center or something.
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You dont even need a cover for it...Many strat players had/have it...off

Stevie ray vaughn Surely has videos with his cover off...Some players
say it helps with the resonance..It also helps change the strings much
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You don't need to get anything for the back, that's what it's meant to look like. You can get a plate to cover the tremolo cavity if you want but it's not going to change anything other than how it looks. If you want a trem arm then just pop into a guitar shop and ask if they've got one that fits.
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Well, I ordered a tremolo arm and the plate in the back before I read the last few comments here. I kind of regret buying the back plate, though. It ended up costing more than the tremolo arm.
Thanks for the comments. Maybe I might keep the plate thing off.
The plate is functional in that it's a dust cover, helping to keep the spring side of the tremolo cavity clean. I'd put it on. And the trem arm is no biggie either, just don't crank it into the threads until it's tight. Leave it loose so it hangs free. It's meant to swivel in the hole. They're sort of annoying when you first start using them cuz they can get in the way, but you'll get used to it.