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Of chocolate milk?

Imma say chocolate.

+1. it's the best.
Soya chocolate milk
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Nestle makes the best chocolate milk.
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ya see in Croatia students get a thing that we call "Iksica(X-ica)"...it's basically a students discount card...you can buy like let's say a carton of milk that would usually cost,like let's say 1 dollar and you buy it for 0.20...i think you get 80% off...anyways my sister had one and she bought a carton of chocolate milks

So i grab on to the sweet pleasure of Chocolate milk...get my straw ready(it's in a carton with a tiny hole covered by tin foil which you,needless to say,puncture with your straw)...the funny thing is....because of the way you drink it...through a tiny hole...you can't actually see what you're drinking...5 seconds later,a couple of coagulated pieces of milk and a nasty reflux...i found out it expired a month and a half ago...

needless to say...i don't really drink chocolate milk since then
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I hate chocolate milk.

It looks FANTASTIC and then I'll be like "omg i want some o dat" and then I will get some and then the first sip is always heavenly and then after that I get let down by the awful after-taste and then it sucks from then on.

I'll just stick to looking at it.
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Blood and milk is the best, same with blood and energy drinks.


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chocolate milk...
some stay dry and others feel the milk
chocolate milk...
a baby born will die before the milk

[/terrible reference to a stupid meme]