Well... the thing is i LOVE music, any type. Radiohead got me into playing guitar (Ok Computer and The Bends) i've been playing for 1 year now and i was wondering how good am i expected to be. because i look on youtube and theres load of people there who in my opinion are playing good but in the description boxes they say they are playing bad. and it just makes me feel utterly crap that i'm not that great at guitar

i mean, its not like i'm shockingly bad and can't play a Em or anything

its just, i have trouble with some bare chords and some "intermediate" tabs

i have i fender squier which i really don't like and everytime i play it i feel...weird??!?! but i recently got a Simon and Patrick acoustic which i love.

i know this is abit of a stupid thread, but any help is apperciated

Its just giving yourself credit for accomplishing feats which at first seemed mammoth, such as learning a full song etc.

After 1 year i'd say you'd have to play well what you choose to play.

The youtube vids, believe it or not, rarely ever tell the truth. "1 year players" are more often than likely almost capping they're 2nd year of playing, its the same with "Omfg one day virtuoso gutiarist!!!" - its the internet :P

Also having a range of guitarist to get experience from is very much recommended, like i focus on matt bellamy's style because i think its frankly amazing (:P), whilst also picking up on like Jack White etc, two utterly different styles, also there is ovbiously similarities :P

Like i said, you know what you want to play, so if you can play it well, then consider yourself good
Thanks guys by the way. Matt Bellamy, Jack White and Jonny Greenwood are all my favourite guitarists, looks like we have similar tastes.

the hardest songs i can play is all of Knights of Cydonia
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And the reason they say they are playing bad is probably because they know that no matter how good you are, there is always someone better. You always have room to improve. And how good you are depends on how much you practice, how dedicated and inspired you are, and the way you view playing guitar. But that's just my opinion.
Don't compare yourself to players on YouTube. Unless they say otherwise, they've probably been playing longer than you, and thus what you would consider "Amazing" is their "Okay, but I can do better."

Just keep playing and if others say they're better than you, just tell'em to **** off!
At my school we have a club called Rock Band which is where you can go to join a band and things like that, i've just never had the confidence or guts to go. and i hardly ever openly play a song to someone..
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you shouldn't be expected to be at a certain level determined by the amount of time you play.


Screw other people's expectations. Play what you enjoy and don't think of it as 'keeping score'. There are no 'levels' and there's no prize for being the talk of youtube. Let other people have their pissing matches so long as you're enjoying what you get out of it.

-Edit- Also, you have to consider the source. The people on youtube aren't exactly known for giving thought out, constructive criticisim.
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Play what you love, love what you play
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don't compare yourself to other people and their ability in that time
play for you and for your enjoyment. if you play to be as good as somebody else it won't be any fun...so why do it?

in order to stay motivated and progress you have to go at your pace, and play stuff that interests you
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Start a band. Or perform gigs solo with your acoustic Bob Dylan style. Also, learn Karma Police, if you haven't already, theres an easy tab of it on this site. I always find that learning songs by my favorite bands makes me WAY more interested in playing guitar.
Thanks for the feedback guys

and yeah i've already learnt karma police, its a fun song to do.