Hey all, i wanted to know if practicing more than one song at a time is "incorrect" practice? For me I'd probably spend more time practicing if i had two songs than one, because usually i get sick of one and quit, but if i had another one I'd just play that for a while.

Oh, and speaking of practice, can anyone recommend a classic rock song that i could practice finger-picking with? I'm just starting to learn how so it has to be really simple, maybe even more than Stairway to heaven or Under the Bridge.

Thanks to all in advance!!!


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If you say in the starting post that you feel more comfortable when practicing more then one song at a time, then you already have the answer. Don't you?
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I'm no expert on the guitar, but I also have to play more than one song at a time in order to keep playing constantly. Another way is to find a big song. I once played the same song for an entire afternoon, and it was great

As for being a good practicing habit... Well, it does make you pick up the guitar, doesn't it?
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try hotel california awesome picking
try learning 2 songs at once either way its going to take about the some time to learn