ok so i have been on and off playing guitar for about 3 years. in the past two months i have somewhat mastered some of the basic chords like G and such and a few off hand chords like the ones in Everlast's "what its like" song. but i want to expand into full songs and when i pick some gr8 songs like Tenacious D's tribute song and some others they have really wierd tabs that it sounds right on the pro tab program but i jsut cant get my head or hands around it.

im trying to learn acoustically because when i get my electric fixed up ill be sooo much better on that. i like rock and some alternative.

so what do i do? i have books but they never seem to help very much. what do you guys do or use to help you? is there some exercise or something to do to get better and get used to these songs?
Well, first off you gotta learn all your basic open chords. G, C, D, E, A, D minor, E minor, A minor, G7, D7, E7, A7...that's about it. Practice changing between the chords until you can get it perfectly. If you want to get good at switching between the chords, learn some songs by the Foo Fighters or Nirvana and play along with the recordings. That's how i got started.

This should take you a couple months, hopefully. When you get those down, learn barre chords- start off with F major.

edit: good songs to learn are "Next Year", "Big Me" by the Foo Fighters, and basically anything from the Nirvana Unplugged album. Those should get you started before you play Tenacious D and other alt rock stuff.

edit2: for warming up, building finger dexterity and endurance, play chromatic licks.

e---1---2---3---4-- and repeat. one finger per fret. take it SLOWLY.
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Yeah, I agree. Nirvana is a great starter band to get you into things... Also concerning what you said about things not sounding right...

One of the problems I had when first starting was the fact that I had no idea what alternate tuning was. So every song in Drop D sounded awful because I had no idea how to do that. So be sure to check the songs tuning before trying to play it and realize it sounds bad ( You shouldn't run into that with Nirvana... at least, not from what I've seen )
ok. well i dont have problems with tuning. i had someone teach me that a long time ago. its just the tabs show chords that are kinda hard, to me that is, to even attempt. like Colin Hay's "overkill" song. thats a big stretch to pull off those chords.

so with learning the basic chords did you guys make up exercises with the chords also along with the band songs to practice? how did you guys figure out the strumming pattern? is there a website with sheet music?