I wasnt sure where to post this so let me know if this is the wrong section. I just got an invite from some old friends to join thier punk band. I started out with them but moved schools and got more into blues jamming and such. Now to my understanding, and judging by what I've heard from thier drummer, its just a bunch of power chords and most of the songs sound the same. They want me to come in as a 'lead' guitarist. I'm not exactly sure what lead is in punk music. I dont want to go in and try to change thier style, but I want to make it clear that there needs to be some thought put into the musical side of it, not just how 'hardcore' they look. So what do I need to do to play more 'punk' sounding lead? The rhythm part is easy, but everything I try to play over it just doesnt fit. Now oldschool punk you can do with almost blues sounding lead (imo). Could you guys give me some suggested listening/ guitarist to study up on?

EDIT: nevermind, I just found the punk and ska forum. I'll post this there.